Parkinson's desease and basal ganglia

Bill Skaggs bill at
Fri Jan 30 14:36:01 EST 1998

Chen Linan wrote:
> The second question, I have never seen any EEG data about structure of BG.
> You know, BG consists of caudate, putaman, pallidum, nigra substantia and
> subthalumus nuclia. There some single neuron recordin data of striatum
> projection neuron. They describe the firing way of these projection neuron,
> and via this, to explore the fiber connection of basal ganglia.

EEG is only generated by parts of the brain where the cells are
arranged in layers, with their dendrites aligned.  The basal ganglia
are not arranged that way.  The field potentials they generate are
very small, and tend to be swamped by volume-conducted potentials
from other parts of the brain.

	-- Bill

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