Parkinson's desease and basal ganglia

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For your first question, the answer is "yes". There is a method to make a
rat model of Parkinson disease using 6-OHDA. We inject 6-OHDA into where
nigro-striatal fibers go by. The fibers uptake the drugs and are destroyed.
It is the sophisticated protocol to make rat PD model.

The second question, I have never seen any EEG data about structure of BG.
You know, BG consists of caudate, putaman, pallidum, nigra substantia and
subthalumus nuclia. There some single neuron recordin data of striatum
projection neuron. They describe the firing way of these projection neuron,
and via this, to explore the fiber connection of basal ganglia.

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>Hello all of you,
>I have some questions about Parkinson's desease and basal ganglia that I
>can't seem to find an answer. Here they are~:
>1- is there an uptake of 6-OHDA in the nigro-striatal pathway ?
>2- are they some data on the EEG of the structure of basal ganglia ?
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