Trolling for Geniuses (Yo! Picasso!)

F. Frank LeFever flefever at
Fri Jul 3 23:59:31 EST 1998

In <359D1CB1.1259FADC at> Rick Harker
<blackfire at> writes: 
>F. Frank LeFever wrote:
>> In <3599d0c5.0 at> mentifex at (Mentifex Maker
>> Minds) writes:
>> >      - the largest things (Heavy Metals; universes = ASTRONOMY);
>> I don't think heavy metals are heavy because they are LARGE.
>> Apparently you are not the genius you are trolling for.  Try better
>> bait.
>No, he is correct. Think a bit deeper, Frank. Think atomic number...

Yeah, DEEP, man!  "Large", like "the world's largest midget" (old PT
Barnum con)??

OK, among other elements, their atoms are large--but they still seem
pretty small to me.  Even their numbers are small, as numbers go...

But maybe some people do grok on the largest of whatever. (cf. Guiness
Book of Records...) Even among midgets, size matters; it has been
rumored they have "the largest things".

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