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Hydrocephalic genius

Rob and Stef rdunca19 at idt.net
Mon Jul 13 02:00:22 EST 1998

I's gotta "Q" for you guys.

3 yrs ago I received a concusion as a result of goaltending in soccer.
Big whoop.  I was taken to the ER, and worked up.  I dont remember much.
After a while I was given a CAT.  The attending physician called in the
on call Neuro.  He informed me that not only did I have hydrocephalus,
but one "whopper" of a case.  I think the reason he was so forthcoming
was because of my responces, education, and a wife who confirmed
everything that insinuated a functional brain.

Later I had the requisite MRIs and follow up visits.  I appeared to be a
conundrum of sorts since I can dust an IQ test with no problem, am well
educated, and substantially wealthy.  So basically we left it at that
and never gave it a second thought.

1 yr later to the day... I was rear ended in a car wreck.  I struck my
head. Knocked the shit out of me (figuratively) I was ambulanced to an
ER that didnt even perform a CAT or x-ray of the skull even though they
were aware of my history.  1 1/2 weeks later due to sever back pain I
was admitted to the ER.  This occured on several occasions with
continually worsening syptoms. Eventually ending up with a DX of acute
transverce myelitis. (possible MS)

I had continuing problems with headaches and the MS.  On my MRI there is
no aquaduct of sylvius. None, zip, nada, nill.  After viewing my MRI's
it is painfully obvious that hydro is only one of many concerns.  I have
low lying tonsils. (dumb name) There is a very real possibility of
coning. And blah, blah, blah! It is disconcerting to view such and odd
skull and at the same time have it be mine.  

Now to my point.  I have had headaches. Although nothing severe.  My
eyes never have shown anything out of the ordinary. I went to Loma Linda
U to see about a third ventriculostomy and also went to the Barrows
institute in Pheonix for their opinion.  Everyone concurs that I need a
shunt.  I prefer the third venticulostomy and both the above
institutions have agreed to do it should I proceed with it.  How in the
hell can I tell the dif between MS and the symptoms of increased icp???
I have no way of knowing the difference of the twos effects on my

I am a very good athlete. Better than most.  I have structured my life
around sports and other physical activities. Thus the desire to remain
shunt free.  The neuros bow to my desicions. I honestly wish they
wouldnt because I have no faith in my decision making abilities.  Weird
things have happened. (outside f the obvious dificulties with MS)  I
have problems interpreting visual data. refer to spelling. har/har.  You
could say I am emotionaly labile although intelectualy I know what is
occuring I just dont give a shit. I have never been depressed other than
for one short stint. I would say that what is occuring is that societies
conditioning has far less a hold on me than it once had.

Can I continue, if my energy ever returns and I am capable physically,
playing soccer, water skiing, snow skiing, mountain biking, maybe if my
health totally returns playing Arena football at the Pro level?  What
kind of risks can I expect if the surgery is a complete success and
everything is fine and dandy?  That has been the sticking point for me.
What are the chances that the very same virus that is responcible for my
MS is also the cause of my Hydro?  Damn this is a long post eh?  Typed
one fingered no less.

So what are your thoughts on how to interpret the diferances between
these two problems and eventual complications of staying active once a
3rd vent has been done.


Since I have tossed all semblance of humility out the window I will say
that I am good looking, incredibly intelligent, and an upper eschelon
athlete.  How can this occur with the hydro?  this is a mystery to say
the least.  Sorry for the bad spelling, I have no excuses other than I
cant spell anymore.  what the hell kind of symptom is that?

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