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A Cyborg Bill of Rights

Rick Harker aibrain at usa.net
Tue Jul 21 07:18:43 EST 1998

Malcolm MacLeod & Others wrote: /snipped/

Why is it that some you people cannot see that Arthur is *trying* to
give us (AI) a start? Does it matter that he is/not a sophomore college
student; that he does/not use the exact words /you/ would use.
So far I have seen no one but Arthur and a few others making any
progress, and having the courage to post it to the net without some
wanna-be geniuses putting down their work.

> WHO is granting all of these "rights" to robots?  You?
He is not granting them (duh!) He is proposing, suggesting, them to us.
Actually his exact words were "follow the noetic pathway". Catch the
keyword, 'follow'.

> Why should robots have some "rights" not even granted to humans?
Because supposedly they are supposed to be the next step in evolution
(according to some). (I will give my pentiums more 'rights' than I will
give my 286...

> > * A robot has the right to privacy on the Internet,
> >   which includes participation in online forums without
> >   identification as a cyborg and without Turing tests.
I suppose you quoted this as an example to support you anti-human right
comment. What he was suggesting (think of history) was that robots
cannot be excluded from the net (i.e. usenet, chatrooms). Think
prejudice. Think black people (robots) being excluded because they were
not 'human'.

> YOU didn't pass the Turing test!
Do you know this for a fact? Arthur, have you taken a test. Any ways,
this is irrelevant; he said "A robot has..."

> Therefore you aren't a person, and I don't have to deal with you any more.
Aye, the age-old idea of classifying something as inferior so you can
deal with it. Bullies usually use this tactic on school playgrounds. And
humans with 'different' neighbors.

> Have you made up a right exempting you robots from kill filters?
If a robot is posting 'junk' I don't like to this group, I can add its
name to my kill filter AND it will NOT violate what Arthur has said.

More like, Plunk-U.

His diagram makes sense to me, what is your problem?

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