Confused over buspirone and pindolol's agonist and antagonist properties to augment antidepressants

JohnFeruer nospam at
Tue Jul 21 20:49:41 EST 1998

Can anyone clear up the confusion I have over pindolol and buspirone's
activity to augment antidepressants? I understand that pindolol is a
5ht1a receptor antagonist and is effective in augmenting
antidepressants by antagonizing 5ht1a autoreceptors, thus the
autoreceptors don't have a chance to decrease firing of serotonin and
antidepressant efficacy is achieved faster. What I am confused about
is why is buspirone sometimes used also to augment antidepressants or
used sometimes in combination with pindolol to augment an
antidepressant. Buspirone is a 5ht1a receptor agonist and aids the
autoreceptors in decreasing firing of serotonin. Isn't buspirone doing
just the opposite of pindolol thus impeding antidepressant efficacy?

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