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To the Unknown Neuroscientist

Bob Cousins bob at lintilla.demon.co.uk
Tue Jul 21 19:15:58 EST 1998

In comp.robotics.misc, Mentifex wrote:

>  Yes, certainly, Dr. [...(...)].  It is all about propagating,
>then verifying, then building the linguistic theory of mind for
>artificial intelligence which took me fourteen years (from when
>I was nineteen in 1965, to when I was thirty-three in 1979) to
>elaborate -- in my work as a neuroscience independent scholar.

I wonder what year you will make the Internet Kooks page?

Anyway, this logic/linguistic approach is what has got us nowhere anyway. Its
all very well having a top-down "philosophical", logic based approach but the
evidence is that the brain, and therefore the only intelligence we know of, just
doesn't work like that, it's bottom up, and intelligence is emergent. The
question is not "what do we build to implement intelligence?", but "how does
what has been built display intelligence?".

Its just luck that we can employ any logical thinking at all, most of the time
higher brain functions are disorganized and illogical. The range of illogical
behaviour exhibited by people is as fascinating as the less frequent logical
behaviour. Although you to be pretty barking to be considered mad, there are
plenty more mad people around than geniuses, and even some of them can be
considered slightly odd. A supplementary question is how does normal and
abnormal behaviour arise.

On a side note, you may like to consider what mental disorders AI software might
suffer from. 
Bob Cousins, Software Engineer.
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