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A Hierarchy in the Flat Neocortex

Mentifex mentifex at scn.org
Thu Jul 23 09:05:37 EST 1998

John Atwood deVries II <aubois at trail.com> wrote on 23 Jul 1998

>Mentifex wrote:
>> F. Frank LeFever (flefever at ix.netcom.com) on 17.jul.1998 writes:
>> > I missed the beginning of this joke, having been in Budapest for a
>> > meeting of the International Neuropsychological Society.
>>   The next time you are at a neuroscience meeting, ask some of the
>>   senior people whether they think that it is a joke.
>Name three.  I require that they have published books.  Just for jollies,
>the books have to be currently available from Amazon...

   Arthur (vel Mentifex) here.  I don't know who they are.  The idea
   is for Dr. LeFever and other newsgroup readers to ask around at
   the meetings, then report back to us all on the Usenet.  If they
   previously had no opinion or cognizance, suddenly they will.
   It's what The New York Times calls "buzz."
>>  Look at the
>>   http://bri.medsch.ucla.edu/archives/hnl/msg98012.htm Society for
>>   the History of the Neurosciences at the Brain Research Institute.
>Referring to an article you wrote yourself doesn't count.  Your argument
>against your cant being a joke is, as of yet, not convincing.  Try again.

    Yes, but look at where that article is archived in perpetuum,
    at the Brain Research Institute of the University of California
    at Los Angeles (UCLA) -- on a par with Texas Agricultural and
    Mining University.  Ergo, even if I choke to death today at the
    Honey Bear cafe or drown in Green Lake, the Mentifex Standard
    Model of the Mind for Neuroscience, AI and Robotics has Trojan-
    Horsed not just some ephemeral newsgroup of neuro chitchat,
    but verily the citadel, the untouchable sanctum of the scribes
    and fact-checkers of Neuro-History itself, than which there is
    no higher instance or court of further resort.

>Also: although I'm leaving it alone, your over-extensive cross-posting
>shows an utter disregard for Netiquette.  Honestly -- do you think the
>people in comp.arch & soc.libraries.talk give a damn about your rather
>weak argument against your delusions being a joke?  I think not.

 Now just a nanosecond there.  The original post was totally
 appropriate to both comp.arch and soc.libraries.talk newsgroups.
 The comp.arch heavyweights (they play around with billions of
 dollars and with the very future of computing) have got to grok
 the necessity of building computer architectures fashioned after
 brain-style associative grids rather than number-crunching Behemoths
 built-to-order for the U.S. Department of Energy (nuclear waste).
 The soc.libraries.talk people (almost as important as historians)
 were being alerted to the new style of Web portal now online at
 http://www.scn.org/~mentifex/webcyc.html Encyclopedia Mentifica.


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