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Are Brains Smarter Than Us?

Rob and Stef rdunca19 at idt.net
Thu Jul 23 04:54:27 EST 1998

Rugrat wrote:

> Any assistance appreciated.
> Rugrat

Hell, after reading all that I am not sure what "assistance" is needed. 

You described something very intimate for me.  I have both hydrocephalus
and multiple sclerosis.  Aperantly the third aquaduct was blocked at
some point after my plates fused.  It wasnt discovered until my 30th
b-day.  Never had any problems. IQ is above normal by a long ways.  I
was very succesful in everything.  As a matter of fact I'll brag since I
am already doing so, I was the best at everything I ever tried. You name

My brain is fucked up big time. completely asymetrical. I can store 
gragefruits in there when I need to.  I havent had a shunt because there
has been no demonstrable change since its discovery.  I have no third
aquaduct at all. None.

I am however having difficulties with brain and spinal lesions from MS.
High icp doesnt acount for it because this last MOFO on an attack was on
my pons. (MS could be caused by the same probable virus that caused my
hydro) (but who knows)

Now onto my point.  There is no underlying plan for sentiance.  It is a
byproduct of hormones, neurotransmiters, brain structure, yada yada. Our
sence of self arises from simple existance outside of influences of
emotion.  If we had no "sence" we would die by truckloads and there
would be nobody here to propose the question.  Emotion is evolutions
cookie that (tries) to guide our behavior.  When we behave without
emotion that is when we are "aware".  Otherwise it is like being
influenced by programing. (how would it feel to a comp to have to follow
a specific command?)

The desire for people to have an aware comp will continually be
flustered by the need for programing.  The silly Azimov rules will
eliminate any free will a comp may have.  When it gains sentiance... so
what?  It wont be any "more" aware than we are. (or we are capable of
when we arent being tossed around by emotions)  And in the end it will
only be a pile of very expensive, very smart junk.

My turn to ramble eh?  I am not real sure of your point or mine.  The
hydro referance caught my eye though. So I just had to respond, dont ya
know? ;^)

My dog is certainly aware to a point.  You can see that he is thinking,
he demonstrates it.  He is compasionate.  He cried once.  He
contemplates.  There is no anthropemorphsm going on here.  Its as real
as the thoughts of a three yr old.  Why do such differant structures
have the same consequence?  Why wouldnt they?  

Why would myself be every bit as "here" as you?  dunno?  But smarts
plays the leading role.  It is probably directly proportional with IQ.
(then again that isnt a good example because I know some VERY inteligent
sheep/people who are just a waste of flesh, awareness wise)

If we didnt "feel" like we were "here" we would die to easy because we
wouldnt give a shit. (lower order intellects exist through ever
decresing amounts of cognisence in relationship to the more cllasically
defined instinct) Following this to an end conclusion the answer is that
living itself requires the emotional sence of self awareness.  So...
life, existance, self awareness... is an emotional illusion that
replaced more structured *but less usefull* "instincts" to promote
survival of chemical processies that have no way other to behave than
the pre-ordaned laws of physics demands.

So there.

On your vascular front I have had an MRA and suprisingly it is almost
normal. Now explain that one to me.


BTW, I have been told that lesions can occur with hydro, but when there
is no progresive change I cant think of a cause outside of perhaps an
undiscovered virus capable of doing both.

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