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A Cyborg Bill of Rights

Rick Harker aibrain at usa.net
Fri Jul 24 05:18:32 EST 1998

Malcolm MacLeod wrote:
> > Malcolm MacLeod & Others wrote:
> No, they didn't.  It wasn't a group effort.
I typed, "&" meaning "and", not "with"!

> I've snipped most of your comments, because they are based on
> your *complete* mis-understanding of what I wrote, or even
> the meaning of the statements I was responding to.
Well, thanks for snipping. It helps save time downloading the ngs.
I totally agree that I might have misunderstood what you posted.
I shall try to read your mind better in future posts.

> > Do you know this for a fact? Arthur, have you taken a test.
> Yes, I know it "for a fact".  If you had even the dimmest concept of
> what the _Turing test_ IS, you would have understood the joke.
Okay, now here I start to get angry and uncivilized...but I'm a nice guy
and there's not much we can do but have verbal bantering.
I Do Know what the Turing Test is. I have read everything I can find on
it. I have studied its ideas and its flaws.
I Did Not Know that you intended it as a joke. I *still* see no wording
that I would recognize as anything but sarcasm.

> Don't ask Arthur if he has "taken a test".
I will ask Arthur if I freakin' want to.

> You don't *take* the test. You *give* the test.

> Furthermore, it is not an  academic test with multiple choice answers.
Like, duh! [Rick emotes in valley girl accent].
Though it would be nice if it was...

> It is a *completely subjective* test, without any possibility of objective validation.
Now this belongs in the philosophy group. To me, nothing is objective.
Everything is subjective.

Uh...now what were we talking about...?

> Get it?  It's not a *real* test.  It's a philisophical concept.
Nope. Lost it. Arthur was posting ideas for cyborg rights and then
someone responded with some wisecracks about his ideas and then I
responded with some remarks about the level of intelligence showed by
people who put down other peoples work instead of helping and then you
started talking about a test that isn't a test that you can't take and
that it really doesn't exist. Then I got lost. Man, talk about run-on

> You can't get a framed certificate proving you passed it.
Sure I can. Give me a few minutes and I'll make myself one. 
Maybe I'll frame it too.

> It is a logical contradiction for a human to *not* pass it.
So..."It is an illogical contradiction to pass it", right?

> But you didn't bother to look up "Turing Test", right?.
Look up? Uh, no. I didn't. I'll depend on my memory for now...

> But for those who do know what it is:
Ooh, I can't wait for the definition! My memory was getting hazy any

> Responding to this post has sharpened one or two thoughts:
Hey! Glad I could could help! I love people who *think*.

> If I wrote a program to show that software can pass the Turing
> Test, the best proof of the software would be to have the program
> posting and replying to Usenet messages.
Now this sounds suspiciously familiar....

> It would have flaws, of course.  Some of the sentences would not
> really make sense.

> And the *replies* created by the program would not show a natural human response.
...you were a really good programmer.

> It would just post more of the same- slightly different wordings of the same generated gibberish.
Or, like the longley bot, not respond at all! (just kidding david!)

> Does this sound familiar?
Uh, yah. I just said it did.

> I can think of three posters in three
> different newsgroups that fit this pattern.  One of them is this
> "mentifex" identity.  Hmmm...
Hmmm...indeed. You know that one hand motion? You know, the one where
the hand is raised above the forehead and moved to the back of the head
with a *whoosh*ing sound? Like, maybe, the concept proposed is *way*
over your head...or bounced off your closed mind?

> Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  That includes me.

> For me, this "mentifex" poster doesn't pass the Turing Test.
I did have the impression the Turing Test was designed for AI robots,
not humans.

> I could be wrong.  It's not a crime to guess wrong.
I agree, you would not be human if you never made mistakes.

>      All I want for Xmas is a box of Smurfs and a mallet.
Hehe, lovely sig.

"Epert sart as" -Humfrey the Expert Wrestler [Britain, Pacific]
(Part-time Animal Tamer, Fletcher, Identifier, Tailor, Wizard, 
Wrestler, and all around nice guy. Look for the guy in the blue
hat and robe)
...if ye say "AIBrain", I'll give thee 500 gold pieces!

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