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Are Brains Smarter Than Us? (Part 2)

Rob and Stef rdunca19 at idt.net
Fri Jul 24 18:15:24 EST 1998

F. Frank LeFever wrote:
> Very interesting.  Some clarification needed, however.  In what way
> asymmetrical? 

Without wasting your time with an inept written description I couldnt do
it justice. 

> Not sure what you mean by "MRA"--apparently not MRI,
> because this would surely show asymmetry (even CT would).

Iv'e had em all. MRA=magnetic resonance angiography. It details rather
well the vaculature within the brain.  I had only brought it up since he
had proposed O2 as a means of explaining functional brains with prior
damage.  Reling soley n the mra pics you would never know that the mris
were waiting to give you a start!  ;^)

> Might also
> show sins of MS, at some stages.  

> am of course curious about the exact PROFILE of cognitive abilities
> (and possible selective disabilities) in these provocative cases.
> F. LeFever
> New York Neuropsychology Group

The only thing that wasnt clearly above normal was trailmaking.  It
explains currant problems but as to why "that" would be my only
discernable problem I dont know.  My neuro, when he finally got the
reports, was exasperated more than I. I will add that I have had/am
having problems with visual identification of things I am looking for.
weird siymptoms to say the least.

Thus my problem of trying to decide whether I should have a shunt or
not. If I were, I would just get a 3rd ventrculostomy. DAMN the
torpedos, full speed ahead!  ;^)  I cant tell where my MS starts and my
hydro ends, symtom wise. So it presents many problems for me.  I do not
like the fact that they think I need a shunt but have yet to demonstrate
any changes from the before (fine) and the after (suckola) in
ventricular size.  The lesions I have now acrued are in my pons so I
think it complicates matters even more.  I have low lying tonsils and
the possibility of coning is very real. There is some question of
whether I have a "tethered" spinal cord.  You name it and theyve said
it. 8*)  I would gladly give into any one persons medical opinion... but
they ask me mine, and then hold to much importance in it.

No ocular symtimolgy at all. No really "severe" headaches.  mystery.


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