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The Neuroscience of Murder -- Shocking Truth About Psychiatric Drugs

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Sat Jul 25 05:35:10 EST 1998

Concerning magic: If you are good in it you do not need some poisons
to kill but can do some from hundreds of kilometers away.
Concerning Christ: That is a title   of those who need titles  for a
man who was a user of magic.
That little shine thingie like around some Asian knower about magic or
like of some shaman transferring on certain ranges is not just on the
pictures of Jesus for fun or decoration. 
That some folks like the Catholic Church has tried to force their
religion with force upon others, killing for centuries, might be your
loss, because many of the other cultures did not have lunibins, and if
drugs were taken, then either just the healer took them or both
together for the healing ceremony, and the old healers sometimes had
data going back to the dawn of human time, not the rediculous
not-even-200-years of the Westie monopolizing systems.
Why exactly do you believe the senses leading to magic were forbidden,
and humans were tried to be sense-cripple to fjust five senses?
Look around you just in that room: Bunches of sense-crippled ones,
making bunches of theories of the sense-crippled ones.
They can't even perceive into a brain telepathically, which people
have known how to do for thousands of years, and which humans can
learn within about four days.
There was a man here talking about "dream" plants that trained Red
Indians use to find people of whom the location is not know, to
communicating vast distances with each other and to analyze stuff in
sick people. After his starting words I was for a moment hoping
someone here had finally gotten some of the highest mental arts of
Earth and become interested. The whole thing ended with him crippling
some cats and feeding the drug to some untrained people to "establish"
that something changed in the brain's sleeping energies when taking
the plant - arrrgh! That is one of the most embarassing texts I read
here. That is like someone going to mathematical geniuses to come back
and establish that HE found out that 2 and 2 is 4.

THAT is the level some of these folks have. 

There are bunches declaring people of other races property, abusing
them sickly, mutilating, murdering.
And often then coming up with stuff that has been known for thousands
of years because they are too lazy to learn magic.
And then they pretend that they discovered it, as if their ancestors
shooting others elsewhere to go alpha-animaling and declaring
themselves FIRST world  of destroyers  would make the data of the
others of thousands of years of research - as they did not burn their
knowing folks and did not terminate most of their knowledge - invalid.

There are some of them that need a machine to tell if someone is in
deep sleep and when he is dreaming, etc. instead of simply perceiving
into the other's systems.

Maybe instead of ranting against magic you should learn it yourself
and understand better how Jesus healed people and understand better
HOW MUCH knowledge the Christians have deleted.
To now pop up with the historically regarded baby research of the
Western systems against the gigantic data-loads about magic and about
the psyche of some of the others  and pretend that they are the first
ones who found some stuff out, that is so old, that before the Western
counting of time it was already known.

What do you expect to be the result of people taking the cousins of
their race and mutilating their brains to find out about themselves?

You have to be sick to the core to do that.

There was one so sick that he took out the motoric cortex of a person
of another race and then wondered, that it did not do the same as it
might in his race. I could have told him that before.

For me psychiatry is about the worst drug dealer of Earth, 
psychology might not be killing as many people, but still enough, and
neurology is having bunches of people in there who have zero interest
to lose their victims and will come up with all sorts of crap theories
to avoid admitting where in the limbic system we mammals are.

And if they ever finally admit it they will likely have done some of
the moist gruesome deeds to the conscious centers of others.
There is so much sickening stuff in here sometimes, that I am glad
that I do not have a more senstivie stomach when I read what they do
to other people. And how before they keep them imprisoned, though they
never did harm to them; to maybe after bunches of pervert deeds call
themselves ever so much better than those of races not doing so to
others and most only harming if there is need (cats are an exception).

Not just many neuros murder, a lot of humans do, the neuros are just
outstanding in the cruel ways.

If you were to look around you you might discover that we are in an
age where in many places the sheep-people get told that if 49 are
declared possession to be ruled by 51 that that is real good so  and
that all should do so.

And if the neuros go on with what they do there might soon come a time
where they force-implant something into your systems in a way you
might not get it out that easily or never, and then you will be a
traceable slave with Billy Gates or someone else's satellite system

If you thought just taking children from parents and declaring them
property of some others to brainwash them for several hours most days
like here or to force people to wear some paper to replace their
identity and to mark them possession of others is where it stops, then
you make me wonder if hardly anyone protests there why you think it
stops anywhere whort of the neuros building something that is the
endproduct or something you can derive a machine from that will
measure bunches of stuff in your sectors and transfer them up to the
next satellite, so that a lot of your emotions and later maybe even
thoughts can be constantly recorded.

And if you knew a bit more about magic you might come to realize that
eventuallyh they are likely not even the implants anymore, but can do
so straight from satellite-like devices, though to make sure that
people do not flee under Earth they might keep both systems up.

Dream of many of the systems who are trying to control others better.

Neuro has long stopped aiming for what is really needed and is trying
to deliver the data for that.
I am nor sure if some are so dumb that they seriously do not know for
what their data will eventually open the door within torture, control,
and lots of other areas  or if they do know and just don't care.

Been travelling the world a bit and heard a bit from others.
Fior all I know the USA and China might be among the first to be
delighted in head-implant people-control ways, the armies of many
places, Japan might follow in some different SF orientated way to do
with controlling devices with your head energies and finding that cool
or something like that, and when the technical possiblilties of others
will follow bunches of dictators and others might follow, and some of
them have the human prisoners to test new stuff thorougly and

Maybe you just laugh about that thought now,
and believe it is impossible that workgivers in the USA or the army
and then others will not just insist on blood and other stuff of
people, but implants.  And that no one would use such stuff for
torture on humans, nor any system or single dictator ever demand that
all are trackable by satellite and get the according implants, also
releasing data about their systems stages.

But I do not exclude that before I am old you might come with another
shocking truth about neuroscience or where it is aiming.

And if the education systems of Earth do not soon stop the crap most
of them are doing and alter to educate people far enough that no one
wants power over another other than in completely voluntary situations
and that people are seeking inner balances and to improve themselves
very far constructively and in harmony with the surroundings  and
bunches of other stuff along that line, 
than the future might be so scary, that maybe it is good that we were
born before neurology got too far in getting the according data for

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