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> About your childish attempts to send all sorts of weird mails to my
> account:

Understandable - _Your_ posts, important as you seem to think they are,
are in no way topical for *bionet*.neuroscience, and the volumous realms
you post there are an annoyance and unwarranted cost for the many people
who pay for the volume they receive.

I don't support mail-bombing, but you have ignored the many hints to take
your ravings to a conference where they are acceptable. I, for one, would
willingly join any action to inform _your_ provider of your spamming of a
scientific conference. Please remember, when you make threats, that many
people observing your actions *are* capable of taking actions you may have
heard rumours about. It is an universal truism that those who can are
normally those who [a] don't consider it something to use as a threat and
[b] show such capability by taking such action when a large group consider
it warranted. By all means complain about the mail-bombs, but be aware
that your provider will no doubt be aware of the traditions and protocols
developed over decades on the 'Net, and will investigate to ascertain
_why_ some have taken such an action. I would be very suprised if a
reputable academic institution would be impressed with your abuse of a
dedicated scientific conference.

You have clearly spent a lot of effort and thought in composing your
*philosophical* ideas and proposals. Your command of English is excellent,
and would, in a sane world, give some pause for thought for those
accustomed to the ungrammatical and incoherent illegibilites that often
carry the reply field of U.S tertiary institutions, however posting them
in bionet.neuroscience is as appropriate as applying truck-loads of high
quality organic fertilizer to a swimming pool - It is a waste of
fertilizer, and annoys those who wish to swim.


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