META:OFFTOPIC: admin address?

F. Frank LeFever flefever at
Tue Jun 2 22:47:45 EST 1998

I trust Eugene will not mind my snipping all but the parts which are
essential for responsible readers who wish to add to complaints to the
service provider whose service "cijadra" has abused  while abusing this

In <6kura0$mkd at> Eugene Leitl
<eugene at> writes: 
>The admin address of Zedat is
> root at
>I'd also suggest Cc'ing 
> abuse at
> postmaster at
>complain about disruptive behaviour of Christiane Tkotsch
>cijadra at

I will attest to the point made below.  I was initially somewhat
disappointed in the level of discussion in bionet.neuroscience when I
first read it (1-2 years ago?), but no consider it the Golden Age of
bionet.neuroscience discussion: on its worst days then, serious queries
(albeit often naive) and serious replies outnumbered posts by kooks. 
More importantly, when I posted serious but possibly flawed responses,
true experts (silent until then) emerged with impressive and useful
corrections or additions.  They may not be reading anymore.

>Just consult the archives for a comparison prior to the advent of 
>cijadra@ and after. You might notice the quality going down, and 
>certain posters to become absent. And this is not about arguing
>opinions: this is muscle. The winner takes it all.

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