Overview of Neurochemicals and Brain Function?

Terry Smith root* at gastro.apana.org.au
Thu Jun 4 10:04:22 EST 1998

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> Where can I get a good, comprehensive layman's overview of the
> different neurochemicals and how they relate to brain function?  I

Err... By the time you get a good overview of neurochemicals, you won't be
a `layman':-) Still, one place to start is to look for works by Richard
Thompson in the `physiological psychology' section of your library, note
authors referenced in the text in sections that interest you, then check
these names in the Psychological Abstracts for further leads.

Your librarian may know little or nothing about neuroscience, but they are
remarkably astute in directing you to the right areas for information on
any topic you can supply the odd key-word for.

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