Technological Singularity

John Piccirillo jpicciri at
Sun Jun 7 12:44:43 EST 1998

> examples:
> 1) You (being an ordinary human) go to a job interview, you think you have
> done well only to discover that the job was taken by a superman with an IQ
> of 400.

     The superman doesn't get the job, because the interviewer only has
an IQ of 135 and doesn't want the superman to eventually take his job.

> 2) You plan to go to a party but you get a cold and dont feel up to it. A
> superman doesn't get the cold because of his enhanced immune system and so
> he goes to the party and meets the girl you would have met.

   Who turns out to be an aggressive sociopath.

> 3) Your in a head on collision in your car with a car driven by a superman,
> you both have similar injuries but you die and he lives because his enhanced
> metabolism keeps him alive the crucial extra minutes on the trip to
> hospital.

    The superman dies because his enhanced metabolism drains his energy
reserves while your inferior body goes into an idle mode.
> I could go on with examples forever.

   Why does anybody predict the far future?  


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