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Sun Jun 7 08:20:03 EST 1998

Lee Ligon wrote in message <35742571.65CE at>...
>OK, so maybe I'm trolling a little here, but.....
>There was an article in the Washington Post this weekend
>about trepanation (cutting a hole in your head in the cause of
>Anyone willing or able to give a "reasonable" scientific argument in
>support of this procedure?

I'll bite.  Hmmm...lessee...  The mind is in the brain, right?  The brain is
encased inside this repressive, paternalistic, and materialistic container
called the head.  So if you seek to enlighten the mind, cut an opening in the
head so as to let light from outside shine past the skull and illuminate the
brain --> hence, viola: an illuminated mind; sublime "enlightenment".  One
caution however, do not do toe-touching exercises after this. Your brain will
tend to spill over a little leaving you with a very bad hair day.  But in the
event this should this happen by accident, all is not lost.  Remember that your
hair can be eventually  washed and regroomed, while afterwards you'll be able to
savor the fact that you now have even more empty space between your ears than
you had to begin with --BONUS!

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