"Can of Worms Syndrome"

DK cooper17 at nospam.xs4all.nl
Mon Jun 8 02:45:13 EST 1998

This is not really a syndrome and I do not know the official
terminology for it. It is an unusual, localized snarl of blood
vessels in the brain. My mother's brother had it, and started
having seizures in his twenties; they operated and left him
paralyzed, but that's another story (and a cruder age for  brain
surgery). My mother's mother had it and never developed any
problems, seizures or otherwise, but had it removed in the late
seventies anyway, apparently because that sort of "preventative"
operation was popular in the medical profession at the time.
I have a friend, a research psychologist, who has told me that I
may well have this problem too, since two of my close family
members have (Mom's never wanted to find out if she has it, so I
don't know). My friend also informed me that a) if I haven't had
problems with it yet, I am unlikely to (I'm about 30), and b) if
I ever *did* start to have problems, they would undoubtedly come
on gradually, in the form of seizures and so forth. I just wanted
to check on the validity of these suggestions, and find out if
anyone can give me either more information on this problem or
references to good literature that addresses it. I'd like to know
how common it is, what parts of the brain, if any, it appears
more often in, etc.  I should mention that I'm not worried, I'm
just seeking information; I think my friend is probably right,
and anyway Mom's fine, unless it could have something to do with
her knee-jerk-anger problem.


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