Technological Singularity

Patrick Juola patrick at
Mon Jun 8 04:43:48 EST 1998

In article <897297520.23258.0.nnrp-02.c2d9a433 at> "James Sharman" <james at> writes:
>>Just out of curiosity, what sort of job do you think someone with
>>an IQ of 400 would be able to manage without going stark raving
>>mad from the tedium?
>Proberbly a job created by a boss with and IQ 400 IQ's.  People have very
>high IQ's from time to time (althogh I dont think ever as high as 400) and
>they tend to find brilliant job satisfaction do jobs far btter than you or I
>might be able to do them.

I think I want to see evidence for this assertion; my recall of the
IQ/life studies journal articles indicates the exact opposite.  Although
I grant that I haven't read these articles in something like ten years.


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