Technological Singularity

James Sharman james at
Mon Jun 8 07:56:41 EST 1998

>>Proberbly a job created by a boss with and IQ 400 IQ's.  People have very
>>high IQ's from time to time (althogh I dont think ever as high as 400) and
>>they tend to find brilliant job satisfaction do jobs far btter than you or
>>might be able to do them.
>I think I want to see evidence for this assertion; my recall of the
>IQ/life studies journal articles indicates the exact opposite.  Although
>I grant that I haven't read these articles in something like ten years.
> -kitten

You may well be correct,  my statement is based on personal experience with
people who have very high level of inteligence within the normal ranges
rather that those few with 'stupidly high' levels of intelegence.

However I have heard of cases where very high IQ numbers have been
attributed to disfunction or imbalance in the brain so it may prove very
difficult to properly asses the effects of high intelegence until someone
actualy goes ahead and does it.

Of course a mentaly enhanced person need not simply take the form of a high
level of normal intelegence.  Consider the computer,  the computer can
calculate and process raw data incredibly quickely and although useless on
its own is a very powerfull tool to aid the human brain.  A possible example
of an enhanced human may involve a perfectly normal intelect but with the
addiction of adition of a new element to the brain capable of processing and
storeing information like a computer,  such an indevidual would have a
massive advantage.  Of course this example is proberbly totaly impractical
but to truely asses this problem you need to look at the problem in many
different ways. Better is not always going to be bigger/faster/smarter but
to suggest that humanity is the best form of life possible would be folly.


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