NOT NEUROSCIENCE: Technological Singularity

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Mon Jun 8 22:05:33 EST 1998

I urge concerned neuroscience people to reply directly to those
perpetuating this thread and ask them to omit bionet.neuroscience from 
thie list of newsgroups for any further off-topic discussions.  This
thread is dominating the newsgroup and crowding out neuroscience
discussion (survival of the fattest?).

If you succumb to the temptation to contribute to this off-topic
thread, please delete bionet.neuroscience from the list of newsgroups
in the address bar.

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>> Untrue,  natural selection favours that which is more likely to
>> survive,  my definition of better in this case is also 'those who
>> are more likely to survive'.  There are many example in the animal
>`Fitness' is `ability to produce offspring'. In many species in
>phyla some individuals do not produce offspring, but are neccessary
>the survival of the offspring of others. One example that springs
>to mind is a `worker' ant.
>Followups [hopefully] set *out* of bionet.neuroscience.
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