Technological Singularity

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Wed Jun 10 03:04:47 EST 1998

On 9 Jun 1998 16:02:35 GMT, albaugh at (Mike Albaugh) wrote:

>Richard (davri06-spam at wrote:
>: We can allready see a 2 tier society forming between people who
>: understand the technology and those who do not.. 
>	I promised myself I would stay out of this, but I'm weak at
>such promises. I feel the "2 tier society" is a gross oversimplification,
>and to say the divide is based on "who understand the technology" is
>just wrong. I see at least three groups with regard to technology:

Thank you for your expansion of my admittedly generalized view it was
not meant to be an absolute but merely an example of the differences
that are begining to show themselves.. We all know there can be no
absolutes in life other than death ( allthough I am sure there are
some that would argue that point but thats a whole other thread ).

I was simply trying to bring peoples attention to the fact that we may
have allready caused a singularity to begin it just isn't done
happening yet.

I may be wrong I may be right.. But my guess is either way we probably
won't notice.


( Speaking for himself too )

It seemed to me a superlative thing,
To know the explanation of everything,
Why it comes to be, why it perishes, why it is.

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