Effects of Psilocin on Human Brain...

Ian J. Lewis ian.lewis3 at virgin.net.uk
Thu Jun 11 09:47:37 EST 1998

Kirk W. Fraser wrote:

> There are also some apects of spiritual behavior that are built in but
> it sometimes requires the rational thoughts of religion to help us
> operate in a life enhancing fashion instead of a zombie <snip>

Hi Kirk

You seem to be the right person to ask a few question of...

A debate is currently under-way at the 4th-way NG as to
the effects of Psilocin (from Psilocybin Mushrooms) on the
Human organism - and it`s peculiar brain...
I am, of course, a novice in this most specialist of fields but,
I have read - and I think that it is fairly widely known that
Psilocin closely resembles Serotonin in its activities - which
are thought responsible* for the phenomenon of conscious-
ness.  *although not alone.
Also, that it may effect the raphe system (thought responsible
for `filtering out` seemingly un-necessary external/internal info);
as a `kind of` narrowing of consciousness.
I/we would appreciate it very much if you could tell us more
on this subject, what is known, what is not yet known etc; as
this is fundamentally important to me (and possibly mankind) :-)

I appreciate that you may be a very busy person - so you can
keep it as brief as you wish - or even better - go into a full blown
discourse on the subject.

I await your reply...


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