Schizophrenia and cannabinoid receptors:a P.E.T study

Cijadrachon cijadra at
Wed Jun 10 12:38:44 EST 1998

patanie at (Claude de Contrecoeur) wrote:

>I have,repeatedly,written that,on theoretical grounds,cannabinoid
>receptors should be involved in schizophrenia.

What are the theoretical ideas?


I do not know if this has to do with what you say,...

...but I have been wondering about different levels when linking head
energies a bit with people with schizophrenia (though I did just try
with two so far, and not when they were hallucinating, so impressions
about differences might have been chance).
And been wondering if training some to shift energy levels, 
maybe making "fields" with their mirror image and observing which
levels do what, and learning from that,  
would help.

One was scared of the "black ranges".
I did not understand why in the start, as some of them are very
interesting for getting into another brain (we know each other a bit;
I do not think that was what worried him)
but then I thought that they are very low level energies, and some of
the shining ones among them seading to special seeming ranges...
and wondered if there is something about some of them so close to
stages the other might have when hallucinating, that maybe that is why
he is so scared of them?

I also noticed that he was very fast to learn them, and went into it

With most people so far I have to strain sending for a long time until
they start getting some tiny bitsies, and then most keep blocking in
many ways for hours or even many practicing sessions.
Could be chance that he got it that fast, but I do not believe so.


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