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>>1) You (being an ordinary human) go to a job interview, you think you have
>>done well only to discover that the job was taken by a superman with an IQ
>>of 400.

>Just out of curiosity, what sort of job do you think someone with
>an IQ of 400 would be able to manage without going stark raving
>mad from the tedium?

Well, that depends on how you measured the IQ.  Current tests stall out at
what, 170?

The thing is, I don't think you *CAN* have an IQ which is both measurable and
over about 200 on a population this size; we'd need to have several *systems*
colonized, before the test could be scaled that far and have any meaning at
all, and even then, if we have more than a few of them, the IQ score will be
a lot lower as they push the curve.  :)

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