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Wed Jun 10 19:19:18 EST 1998

>Gernot S Doetsch wrote:
>I'm new to this site - no formal or academic training at all etc..Are you saying that neurons have `kinda` a built in ability to
>switch tasks if needed... or rather : not needed on their former

If I take a wild guess if, say, once optics and acoustics were just
part of a larger spectrum, then even when differentiating to select
out the "amplified parts of the spectrum" the older function base
might still be there to quite some extent.
And mammals might have different amount of fingers, so differentiating
five migth be a newer function to.
I guess "canging back to older settings" is possible to an extent in
many cases.
But if you go back in our history to when we were in the ocean
~ if something has been two different functions also "historically"
then maybe they can not take over function for the other.

However it is my impression that in some cases entire systems might be
able to compsensate to some minor extent if another entire area is not
functioning anymore. "My" systems might be one of the greatest
compensators concerning a bunch of areas in the brain.

And if my areas were like a CPU and it would be damaged a lot,
the other great CPU of the brain that mainly supervises the correct
execution of the movement sequences
probably could compensate for that to a minor extent.

...One of the wildest function changes I heard from the autist corner
was something like "to get nearly as fast as a pocket calculator
disconnecting optic banks (--> "blind" in that time) to run
mathematics using their vast capacities, 
the trick for speed being programming the formulas in like automatic
sequences and not stopping to think when calculating, just taking each
result and straight feeding it in again"...

Some of them have the reputation to dock off inside (connections
changing accordingly), get bored and go playing in the brain, coming
up with functions for the sectors to entertain themselves  that
(figure of speech : ) mother nature might not have dreamed about ...
..and being some of the greatest and most absurd testers what else
(areas of)  the brain might be used for.

(...With some of the ones who can't speak I would love to know what
they are doing in there.)

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