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Wed Jun 10 19:18:37 EST 1998

> the volumous realms you post there are an annoyance and unwarranted cost for the many people
>who pay for the volume they receive.

It might have escaped your attention, but there are filtering tricks
and other ways, that you do not actually need to download volumous
posts of folks of whom you do not want to read stuff.

> ...provider...

There are those of the opinion that in a free world people are free to
utter any opinion they want about things to do with the brain in a
room to do with the brain,
and that if all was known about the brain no theories were needed, and
if not all is known any opinion or theory that can not be proven to be
wrong is as valid as any other.
If you do not like what I write, prove that it is wrong.

If you want a censored room, or a private one, why don't you go to
one, instead of staying in this one.

>scientific conference. 

I have read stuff here like different memory places being summoned up
into one without differentiating, that memories were supposed to be
conscious, and so on.
Really scientific.

>Threats... that many people observing your actions *are* capable of taking actions you may have
>heard rumours about.
Some actions following my threats you do not need rumours about, you
can read them in the police records.
...Say, are you mistanking this room with }alt.rambo-egger.threats" 
or have some male testosterone-hypothalamus lack of control
or what?

>You have clearly spent a lot of effort and thought in composing your
>*philosophical* ideas and proposals. 
Sometimes, sometimes not.
I think the main time is to figure them out, sort of travelling other
cultures or back then areas of the brain or now liking to study
linking energies with other brains. Typing goes fast.
>Your command of English is excellent,
Thanks, though I often know that I make mistakes, and with a lot I do
not have a clue what the English term for that is.
And with neuro stuff the problem is my dictionary won't tell me
either. The author of that one is content to tell me that "Idiot" in
German is "idiot" in English and filling a lot with bunches of other
words that are close...

>and would, in a sane world, give some pause for thought for those
>accustomed to the ungrammatical and incoherent illegibilites ...
... Personally in average I value their opinions about the brain most,
especially if they seem logical and can subperceive.
The worse the connections to the language structurer or indications of
damages there and the more signs of frontal cortex damages, 
the higher the chances that the rest has less cells / is connected
less well, too, and that a lot does not function as it should, so that
they have to compensate  and were force from young on to become aware
about processes in the brain.
Some of the greatest data-sources about sector functions could hardly
spell at all.

> however posting them in bionet.neuroscience is as appropriate as applying truck-loads of high
>quality organic fertilizer to a swimming pool - It is a waste of fertilizer, and annoys those who wish to swim.
It annoys them even more if you drop it in while they are swimming in
the limits of their beloved pool. 
But you are right that it might be a waste of the fertilizer that
could make so much grow if hitting the right ground.

Then again if you use some of the big loads of low quality organic
fertiziler some folks produce in amazing amounts,
- who then might need to go swimming in the hope that the stench goes
off - 
then it might not be such a waste.

If you keep your posts to your style, I forsee in my crystal IBM
compatible sphere going down to kindergarden bickering, ...
How about  if instead of oraganic-fertilizer-quality-talk,  
when you do not like something in my posts you prove to me what of
what I write is wrong, and give me the correct version instead.


>--- timEd/386 1.10.y2k
>|Statesmanship means never having to say you're sorry.

Errare humanum est.

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