Effects of Psilocin on Human Brain...

Ian J. Lewis ian.lewis3 at virgin.net.uk
Sat Jun 13 10:26:08 EST 1998

DK wrote:

> I'm not the person addressed directly, but I can jump in to
> suggest strongly that you read some Terrence McKenna,
> particularly Food Of The Gods; many of his theories (well backed
> up) deal intensively with the proliferation of psilocybin
> mushrooms in the Nile valley right around the time we seem to
> have begun developing language. He also delves in other ways into
> the issue of psychedelics and (human)evolution.
> --Katrina

Thank you K. for your reply to my request...
Quite amazing and syncy that I managed to
get Food of the Gods from my library two
days ago - but haven`t had time to read it...
Amazing  because I live in chester UK, which
has the worst library in the unfolding of the
eschaton...   As you can see; I have read the
Archaic Revival....
If its not a personal question... are you a
neuroscientist? :-)
I could to with regular correspondence with
such a person... and their insight...
I am currently trying to fuse McKenna ideas
with Gurdjieff ideas - which is not plain sailing.
The followers of Gurdjieff are most resistant
to any form of information that has not come
from the word of their guru - in writing :-)
Gaia theory/fact is one such area for them...

Seems to me that neuroscience is the bridge for
substances taken in - and consciousness given
out/experienced - in some magical/simple way...

Ian J.Lewis

> Ian J. Lewis wrote in message
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> >
> >>A debate is currently under-way at the 4th-way NG as to
> >the effects of Psilocin (from Psilocybin Mushrooms) on the
> >Human organism - and it`s peculiar brain...
> >The effects of which are beyond description in words.
> >The importance of which are also beyond words.

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