Effects of Psilocin on Human Brain...

DK cooper17 at nospam.xs4all.nl
Sat Jun 13 05:39:22 EST 1998

I'm not the person addressed directly, but I can jump in to
suggest strongly that you read some Terrence McKenna,
particularly Food Of The Gods; many of his theories (well backed
up) deal intensively with the proliferation of psilocybin
mushrooms in the Nile valley right around the time we seem to
have begun developing language. He also delves in other ways into
the issue of psychedelics and (human)evolution.


Ian J. Lewis wrote in message
<357FEE08.BD95AF1F at virgin.net.uk>...
>>A debate is currently under-way at the 4th-way NG as to
>the effects of Psilocin (from Psilocybin Mushrooms) on the
>Human organism - and it`s peculiar brain...

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