noise of Eugene Leitl: admin address?

F. Frank LeFever flefever at
Sat Jun 13 22:28:18 EST 1998

When complaining to cijadra's service provider, cite both the content
and the quantity of his postings.  New readers may want to verify the
need for this by consulting newsgroup archives  over the past several

Send to all:

root at

abuse at

postmaster at

In <357f22fa.26736556 at>
cijadra at (Cijadrachon) writes: 
>>(Frank LeFever:)
>> We all salute the return of... free speech to Germany. 
>> However, it is doubtful whether indiscriminate mingling of
>>psychotic ramblings with scientific discussions 
>I guess you are referring to yourself.
>So far I do not recall you proving me wrong one time, yet insulting me
>more times than I bothered to count.

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