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A New Use of the Internet for Global Scientific Communication
    SECAUCUS, N.J., May 18 /PRNewswire/ -- SciencePosters.Org, Inc.
the launch of its namesake web site,, the only
resource designed specifically as a repository for oral and poster
presentations made at a scientific meeting of any discipline.  Scientific
presentations can now be posted online immediately after a meeting, thereby
extending not only their life, but also their reach worldwide.
    By being available to any interested Internet user, SciencePosters
the barriers to scientific discussion imposed by time, space, and costs.
Scientists, students, and teachers around the world can keep up-to-date on
current scientific work.  Each online presentation includes a dedicated
question-and-answer session, through which visitors to the site can exchange
comments with the authors and other visitors.  The authors and all
participants are notified automatically when new comments are added to the
    The SciencePosters.Org web site uses a variety of Internet technologies
support very high volumes of data, sophisticated queries, and discussion
    SciencePosters' conveners are scientists who see the Internet as the
medium for worldwide scientific communications, and who have made an
commitment to SciencePosters and its objectives.
    "As the first web site of its kind and scope, we intend to lead the way
and set the standard with new technology specifically geared to the
and technical community, both basic and applied.  By covering a wide range
disciplines, allowing everyone to view the presentations and participate in
the discussions, we hope to promote interdisciplinary contact and discussion
worldwide," said Eve Schaefer, CEO of SciencePosters.Org, Inc.
    For more information about SciencePosters.Org, Inc. visit the web site

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