A Course on Conciousness part 2. Precognitive dreams and communication.

Cijadrachon cijadra at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Mon Jun 15 15:39:21 EST 1998

>How come the commonest "psi" phenomena in the US is merely absent
>in Scandinavia and Germany? 

Maybe the druids of the Germanic speaking lands had an own system, and
though a lot was destroyed by the Christians,
there are still terms like "hellsehen", "das zweite Gesicht haben",
"zaubern", "Zauberspiegel", etc. 

Though I heard the term psi, too, it does not tell me much, either.
What is psi and what are the differences to magic?

f I understand what you mean by psi I could think about if I ever
heard of that here and if maybe we are using different words for some
of it.

I do not recall hearing the term "hellsehen" in English for example.
But taken literally for some here it is an essential part of magic.

>And how come the commonest form of reportet paranormal activity here, "earth radiation", is
>almost unheard of in the US? 

What does PARAnormal mean?
And why is earth radiation not normal?

>Does it warrant investigation? Yes, but in the concept of folklore,
>not science.

Well, science is sort of originating of the West and cultures of
Catholics trying to prevent the use of the senses leading to magic.
While in folklore a lot of magic IS woven into some of the tales.
So you have the magic mirrors that reflect energy different from
normally so that the trained magic  perceiver gets certain energies in
easier, and the use of crystal spheres (did not take LASER research to
find out a thing or two about crystals... ;-), communicating with
animals and a lot of other stuff, that if you investigate it
personally, depending on the culture it is from, can hold a lot of
hints that are fascinating.

Like people watching real magic, and boosting it up again to make nice
invented tales of it.

By the way, someone just told me that crystal pyramid hold in front of
the third eye are supposed to have some interesting effects.

And though I tend to hate too differeing energy stuff near my systems,
the thought of using a pyramid - thin on the top, big on the bottom -
to send different own energies through it   
and to use it for perception  fascinates me enough,
that should I become a lot better and my tolerance to disturbing
energies more flexible I might have a try at that, too.

Do you know anything about stones or "fields" of Earth concerning
magic or the psi you mention?
Do you happen to know which areas of the brain & body that psi has to
do with? 
And, as mentioned, what are the differences between magic and psi?

In psi, do you have extending your energies into another head, linking
with energies of the other one?  If so, could you use that also as one
example for psi and for the differences to magic, because there I
understand a bit about it inside, which should make it far easier for
me to follow what you might be referring to.

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