Q (electrophys): Which mammal has the biggest photoreceptors ?

Frederic Menez menez at neurochem.u-strasbg.fr
Thu Jun 18 12:05:16 EST 1998


I study a small current on pig photoreceptors with voltage patch clamp.
The problem is that our cells maintained in culture lose their external
segments and in the end have an average size of 8 microns. So I was
wondering if anyone knows any other good mammalian/animal models with
good photoreceptors for electrophysiology.

I can make seals but the cells are so small or sensistive that:

* I barely have the time to get an IV response and the cell blows up
* or often a lot of membrane will get in the pipette due to the
pipette_diameter/cell_size ratio
* and worse: when breaking the membrane I'd get at times a "hoover"
effect pumping the inside of the cell.

I must admit I only have about 6 months of electrophysiology experience
behind me but still those photoreceptors aren't very patch-clamp
friendly or may be it's the opposite ;-)

Thanks for you ideas


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