Non-linear dynamics, chaos-theory and schizophrenia

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Fri Jun 19 18:48:23 EST 1998

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>>I am medical student and familiar with neural networks.
>>Maybe some on can help me with the following:
>> I am looking for information about theories on schizophrenia,
>>... from a chaostheoretical perspective.
>>Another entrance would be artificial neural networks theories with 
>>hypotheses concerning the development of psychosis and/or schizophrenia.
>Hi(gh), I am studying LSD, and if you want chaostheoretical
>perspectives, here is one, and I am too lazy to keep to official
>Westie language:
>(Author --->) Carlos Castaneda's "Juan" warns him in other words that
>if he unites the dreaming and awake stages (which can give some  more
>ranges "seeing" = what you might call a more broadband perception)
>taht then many start to hallucinate, get mentally very imbalanced and
>so on.
>Both mention hallucinating.

I have had this happen to me exactly as you describe it. It was last
February. When it happened to me I described it this way: "It's like
the rules of the dreamworld broke into the realworld". However, I've
explored that dreamworld and it's interesting that I have an esoteric
book which says lucid dreaming, etc. is a stage of Ascension. There is
another book I have on Enlightenment (Ascension of Consciousness) that
speaks of the need to unite the waking-state with the dream-state.

Pretty weird, huh?

>Imagine someone would not have to train to "stay awake in dreams" and
>to go down into the dream energy levels awake.

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