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The popular idea that the brain would generate "waves" came from
incomprehension about the nature of the waves plotted on
electroencephalograms.  From this misleading and from its tireless
repetition by magazines, people, and "spiritualistic" or self-help

The ultra-ultra-ultra-microscopic movement of several kinds of ionic atoms
throughout the entire cell, and around it, but which occurs mainly very near
to its membrane, does generate micro-micro-micro-magnetic fields.  But they
are so small, so space- and strength-limited, and so chaotically mixed among
themselves, we could admit they have not any effect to cell and

Many persons believe the waves are plotted on electroencephalograms would be
"brain waves".  They are not.  They are not an amplification of any
authentic physiologic variable, not that exists that way.  They are, in
fact, a transduction, i.e., the transformation of real physiologic variables
into new readable and interpretable ones.

How do they do that?  Each dot plotted on an electroencephalogram is the
difference between the gross electrical potentials of two head zones.  Each
zone is read by an electrode placed on the skin and measures the gross
resultant electrical potential of that zone.  That electrical potential
measured is resultant of the activity of many, many thousands of cells
nearby, extending for centimeters.

Then, the electrical potentials difference (the dot) is plotted on a moving
paper.  Since the electrical potential difference changes along time, this
changing is registered on the paper, which moves constantly to the same
direction, thus generating drawings (a line) similar to what we call

Even some doctors use to refer to those drawings as "brain waves" or simply
"waves", or even "the registered waves".  The waves are not registered
because they do not exist inside the skull.  They were just created on the
paper by the EEG machine from the real existing electrical potential
difference which changes continuously.

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K C Cheng escreveu na mensagem <358A7B25.14CE at>...
>Cijadrachon wrote:
>> >In telepathy, therefore,  we sense others' thoughts like we
>> >sense our own.
>> Never managed that one, and thought the cell numbers, connections and
>> processings were far too different for that.
>> How do you do that?
>Re the above:
>That is because we sense not by "connections, neuron numbers."  Instead,
>like in the electric fishes,  their own electroreceptors detect  neural
>electrical  impulses of the same species.  So, too, like radio stations
>having their own  broadcast frequencies,  man detects brainwaves of
>fellow men and women because their brainwaves are at the same or similar
>Detailed out in my  "The Electric Fishes Speak"  now being worked on.
>Also, problems with my internet service provider's  server(?).  My
>homepage is now  difficult to see.  Hope   to have it fixed or soon to
>have a new site.

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