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Gerthory Toussaint toussain at
Mon Jun 22 09:56:38 EST 1998

Hello all,

    Thanks a lot for any help or any information which can help us

    We have a 16 month old girl who has had a <<viral
meningo-ancephalite herpetique>> since the last may 5. She is actually
in a semi-comatose condition at the REIMS hospital (in FRANCE).
Physician are sceptic about a possible improvement of her condition
since an analyse had shown a viral attack on both temporal lobe.

    PETER DOHERTY from Australia and ROLF ZINKERNAGEL (Switzerland)
received the nobel prize for their work about the mechanics of using the
killer cells of the imune system to destroy some tumour.

    I hope that a virologist or a neurologist or someone else who have
some knowledge about this kind of desease can help us in order to save
our child.

    Thanks a lot for all

MASSAU Jean claude
21,rue des roses 08500
Les Mazures, FRANCE
Phone: (00 33) 3 24 40 49 41

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