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Mon Jun 22 06:41:34 EST 1998

Ole Braad-Sorensen wrote:

> I have from a good friend in Spain received the message between the
> "cut", asking me for helping her using usenet.
> I would appreciate any advise. Maybe pointing me to another newsgroup.
> === Cut ===
> I have a son. 13 years old, with a tumor in the brain and with no
> hope, in a hospital in Malaga (Spain).
> I'm, looking for any center in the world, specialized in neuro-surgery
> for tumorts in the brain to send the file and to find a solution.
> I'm hoping to find a specialist, who could operate a tumor in a
> difficult location.
> Please help me: Elena Valero Lopez
> === Cut ===
> Regards:
> Ole Braad-Sorensen
> braadso at

  Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery based in Liverpool
England routinely does brain tumour surgery their web address is

for contact e-mail addresses try this page

hope this is of help

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