Trolling for Geniuses (Yo! Picasso!)

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Mon Jun 22 22:49:06 EST 1998

In article <358d10b9.0 at>, Mentifex <mentifex at> wrote:
>Renatius Cartesius (who could be called "The Coordinates" just as
>Tennessee Williams signed himself "The Plays") lived in the world

big snip

>And if you post with concepts even mildly incomprehensible to the
>techno-literati, the not quite top-level thinkers will flame you.
> the public-domain Long March towards
>artificial intelligence and the cybernetic economy calls out only
>to the elite de l'elite and so please disregard and forgive S.V.P.

I know geniuses.  Geniuses are some of my best friends.  Mentifex,
you're no genius.

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