Deep Waters in Brain

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Tue Jun 23 14:00:58 EST 1998

Xoqom <xoqom at> wrote:

>An elementary question:
>Can we say that the deeper we dig into the brain the more
>primitive but more fundamental functions we encounter,
That might depend on wether you mean cells or mean areas of the brain.
Maybe look at the "embryo's brain-worm"-development.
Then you might see a lot.

>i.e. "higher" functions (emotions, ...

Some are very, very old and some are seem very primitive, f.e.
compared to the newer, complexer ones of the "middle age mammal ones
of b.amygdala".

There are some in the body where I have been wondering how old they
are, and if some might not even be older than the head is
historically, but maybe that is wrong.

>self-reflection, etc.) tend to be located in the surface layers (cerebral cortex?) 

I use the front for self reflection, but I myself "give the
self-reflection commands".
If I lower the front's capacities, f.e. with drugs, then I can not do
that as well anymore.   ...And I myself don't feel that new but feel
to be of middle age (similar to the mammal emotion block in the
amygdala) though having old parts and though being connected to some
rather newish functions.
But that might be wrong.

>and "lower" but vital functions are buried deeper within?
A friend of mine once mentioned some image - when talking about
twisting hair  down behind the ears - of moving the hands like making
a screw in there, and I got death-height warnings of not sticking any
long screws in there and therefore could not use that as an image with
the ease he did...
I guess if you damage the brain stem too much you might be screwed...

...But all in all I guess very simplified the neocortex could be seen
like an outer protection helmet of more important inner areas, so that
damages out there might not be as bad as damages to some of the inner
areas, especially the brain stem.

>Can we make such a general statement about the brain

Part seems wrong to me.


...I'd say the deeper some human people dig into the brain of some
unconsenting other people, especially in some areas, the deeper the
crimes human people commit against other people.

Xoqom, this is the place of people who refuse to admit that we are
part of the limbic system so that they can go on imprisoning,
injuring, torturing, maiming,  and killing other mammals who are so
similar to us in the brain that a lot of the data they get there can
be used for us, as it is the same or nearly the same...
You do not seriously think that to a lot of questions you get answers
from those cutting around in the hippocampal areas of other people
like sadistic maniacs knowing the time will come when they no longer
can refuse to admit that the other mammals are people, too, and that
not having Broca's and not having such a big neocortex is still not
making the location and many of the functions of the I-centers that

The day you understand why certain folks stopped the frontal cortex
mania and now are at hippocampal slicing you might get what part of
neurology is about.

The day you understand what data about (areas of) the mind is there on
Earth and how much is ignored there, even more.

But I guess those are other deep waters...
... made of the pain of those who are suffering at the hands of others
who torture them in some of the most sick ways I eveer heard of 
to satisfy their curiosity with the claim that they are more worth
than other persons,
similar to blacks back then being declared animals, and not wanting to
realize that we are all animals, and inside feel nearly as related as
our bones are.

Back then we had Nazis convinced that nothing could stop them and that
they'd never be held responsible for their crimes. 
And that lots of others (f.e. Jews, Roma, Sinti) were inferior. And
that inferior races could be abused for experiments ("Mengele"), to
get data for the own race considered far more worth(y),
therefore nothing being wrong of (ab)using races deemed less high for

There are even more gross deeds committed within neurology now.

Maybe that is why you believe in that higher function stuff, as some
are still seeking justifications why they are abusing the people of
other races that sickly, and come up with a lot of wild theories about
why the neocortex is making them "higher" than the rest and why it
should have lot of myserious "higher" functions, f.e. making up tales
about the frontal cortex or bigger nets having to do with having
consciousness and tales like that.

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