OFFTOPIC: possibly seeking a moderator for

jc jcd at
Wed Jun 24 15:50:07 EST 1998

Nothing in your response was in any way related to the question at hand.
You seem to be so caught up in your *fight* with Frank that you incorporate
those issues into any response.  We are not looking for *censorship* of
ideas merely ideas that are offtopic.

Before you respond with such idiocy you should research the question.  Look
at the site, there are posts whose content is merely that of bashing another
person on the group.  Nothing in them has anything regarding ADD or ADHD.

I am not referring to differing approaches to ADD nor am I even advocating
the removal of posts similar to yours on this site, that is censorship.  I
am merely advocating the removal of OFFTOPIC ideas, not ideas that I or
others disagree with.

Is that hard for you to understand?  Do you need to *dock* with my mind to
conceptualize it?

And to make the assumption that a non-add person needs to be the moderator
is absurd, the most relevant and effective literature/research has been
written by psychologists/psychiatrists with ADD.

If you would like to help or contribute it is welcome, even if your ideas
are not mainstream, but leave your agendas off of the ADD newsgroup there
are enough there as it is.

And judging by your meandering methods of writing either you do not have
full control of the English language or you should seek counseling for ADD
yourself.  ;-)


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