noise of Eugene Leitl

Heiko Schlichting heiko at
Thu Jun 25 11:18:41 EST 1998

flefever at (F. Frank LeFever) writes:
>More of his psychotic-sounding nonsense, squeezing out legitimate
>neuroscience discussion again.
>Serious users of the newsgroup who wish to complain to his internet
>provider should try one or more of the following (maybe cc them all?):
>root at
>abuse at
>postmaster at

The correct address for complaining is "abuse at". It is not
necessary and not useful to send copies to other addresses.

But please be realistic about what you can except as reaction:

- in case of technical abuse (SPAM, commercial usage) we can close an account.
  This will not apply here.

- in case of offence you have to go to a court and not contact the provider

- in case of posting statements you do not like or are nonsense, you could
  activate you killfile or mailfilter (for those reading this as a mailing
  list instead of a newsgroup). The administrator of the news -> mail
  gateway can also install a filter for dropping messages from specific

Germany is a free country, everyone is allowed to study and it is impossible
to ban someone from a university because of opinions some person do not like.

H. Schlichting (abuse at

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