John H. Casada casada at
Thu Jun 25 09:04:50 EST 1998

K C Cheng wrote:
> It's totally inadequate to have abstracts when the proof is vital.
> Every sentence must be read, every diagram studied, to see what is
> right, what is wrong.

If you had some experience in science you would recognize that the
purpose of the abstracts is to see if "every sentence" and "every
diagram" is worth reading.  Give it a try.

> As I said before, it's up  to others to seek, not for me to give,
> knowledgee.
> Since you don't feel it wothwhile to  get a copy, I doubt it's wortth
> my 100 dollars to send you one.  When Einstein published his Theory of
> Relativity,
> surely it was not for him to explain first.  It was for others to buy
> it.

Again, if you had *any* experience with science you would know that
Einstein's theories were published in reviewed journals first.  He
didn't copyrite a book and say "for $100 I'll show you something really

Try (just try) to show a little scientific courtesy and give information
instead of empty commercials.

> Everyone's thinking is "private."  Why should anyone's be "public?"

Because you are making public claims????
> >    In everyday language, "put up or shut up¡I
> That goes for you too!  That kind of arrogance is like the Nazis to
> the Jewish scientists in WW II.  Ha! What's so important about you?
> Being an American?
> >   However, I have
> > >several volumes published for private and public viewing.  Before I
> > can
> > >have money to publish them all for a world wide evaluation,  I
> > attempted
> > >to have several issues put on the Web.  But,  now,  I have to buy a
> > new
> > >site  just to show them.

I've seen your site.  Have you ever seen the Smurfs on t.v.??  Your site
is really "Chengy!"  Maybe "Papa Cheng" can publish the "Chenerific"
exploits of "Cheniography."  Be sure to get it reviewed.  There must be
armies of "Chengs" who will give you impartial feedback.  One day, when
you find enough suckers--"Che-cheng!!!"  You may be rolling in the


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