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Your indifference to and ignorance of other peoples' pain is
appalling.  You probably have never visited a hospital burn center
ward, or seen actual patients with neurodegenerative diseases, head
trauma, or full spinal cord trauma. If you had, you would not be so
quick to criticize scientists who are doing basic medical research in
these areas to look for a cure. 

You are content to sit behind your computer, smug and self-righteous,
and  ignorantly criticise those of us who actually do research. It is
apparent to me that you have little concept of the true reality of CNS
disorders, of the devastation and pain they leave behind. You are
being very cruel and rude. 

>If you want to stick stuff into people, than take the people who have
>the problem, give them very little and ask them to regulate the amount
>for themselves, giving your guesses what should be minimum and what
>should be maximum, and ask them to also sense into their kidneys and
>liver, and for headaches or other signs of not feeling well, and ask
>them what effects what you give them seems to have,
>and then compare that with what other people are telling you.
>And ask them if they drink coffee or smoke cigarettes or take other
>stuff to also watch what that seems to be doing together.
>You might have overlooked it, but the neat thing about people is that
>they can tell you when they get a blasting headache in a certain
>location in the head and tell you that their skin itches, that they
>feel cold or like puking or when some other organ hurts or something
>feels not like it should.
>So that if you give it to four people and three are telling you it has
>a certain negative effect, you already get an idea where the stuff
>might be running damages, and when you have ten pessimistic atheists
>believing into nothing until it hops up and down in front of them seen
>by all, and who are not believing it will help much, recovering hell's
>fast then you might get a hint that you are on the right track.

Your argument makes no sense. Under your suggested scientific research
method, very little information would be of value because human
perception is notoriously  unreliable. And in cases where denervation,
psychoses, and other disorders occur that impair either peripheral or
the central nervous system, by definition these systems are impaired,
so how do you expect people to achive an accurate report of what is
going on?


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