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K C Cheng kccheng at
Mon Jun 29 16:46:48 EST 1998

Dex wrote:
> This site has a hideous color scheme which makes everything hard to
> read. And the typography of the site needs a lot of work.
> As for Mr. Cheng's multitudinous and talmudic theories about
> evolution, physics, and psychology, they are about as well-formulated
> and believable as those "experts" in ufology were about the "face" on
> Mars.
Re the above:
Sat 27/6/1998/ 7:22pm
Subtle and yet fatal webpage design problems just overcome today.  Now
my webpages are  visible.Ó
Sorry to those of you who in the past  months
or days have suffered disappoitments and frustrations at lookng at a 
blockedÓ site.  Reasons and solutions for such fatal mistakes now 
posted on my webpage at
Sorry about the colours.  But some people may like them.
You are cordially invited back to revisit .  Please e-mail me should you
encounter any link with "file not found on server," or any file that is
only in html source codes.    I might have missed 1 or 2 of them.
Now you can SEE that memory has been proven, Darwin overthrown, etc.
kccheng ¾G«a¸s

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