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Mon Jun 29 17:07:40 EST 1998

Ted wrote:
> I'm probably going to regret getting involved in this conversation, but
> here goes...
> Kccheng, I've looked at your web page, but I found little in there which
> would convince me that you understand Darwin's theory of natural
> selection, never mind that you've successfully refuted it.  To help me
> understand why you think natural selection theory is incorrect, could
> you
> give answers to the following questions (or, preferably, post them on
> your web page)?
> 1) Can you summarize the main points of Darwin's theory of natural
> selection as presented in _Origin of Species_?  Can you explain which
> points are incorrect, and can you describe why?  (I'm assuming your
> counterpoints would be brief, as the points in natural selection theory
> are themselves very brief)
> 2) What was the strongest scientific criticism of the theory of natural
> selection in Darwin's day?
> 3) How do natural selection theory and Mendelian genetics relate to each
> other?  (Related to question #2)
> 4) Can you offer an explanation for the diversity of life which is more
> scientifically valid than natural selection theory?  If so, please
> describe the main points and/or logic of your explanation.  (Generally,
> I don't like to refer to web pages in arguments, but I would ask you to
> look up the evolution FAQ at
> for references on
> experiments and observations which support natural selection theory.  I
> mention this here because whatever theory you propose would have to be
> able to explain all these observations)
> In all cases, could you provide references, or, if referring to your own
> observations and/or experiments, could you provide abstracts of your
> work (preferably on your web page)?
> Thanks in advance,
Once more my apologies re my blocked webpages as posted in another one
to this group.  My site is now visible.   Re. Darwin, there is a whole
issue on it(about 20 pages in Volume 1, #4) + other  issues  1,2, 3 .
Please read them first.  Then, I'll answer more questions.  Please, all
points re  genetics, natural selsection, etc., have been thoroughly
dealt with in  my other 29 volumes.  But I can always give a little
replies here in advance. Please don't hesitate to post questions. 
Meanwhile, while you go over my site,  I'll look over your questions to
see if I have to make any more comments(other than those on my webpages)
right now.
Thank you!
kccheng ¾G«a¸s

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