Trolling for Geniuses (Yo! Picasso!)

Brendan Macmillan bren at
Tue Jun 30 20:58:26 EST 1998

Ian Kemmish (ian at wrote:
: In article <bjm10-2206981809100001 at>, bjm10 at 
: says...
: >Mentipoo, I "grok" the Latin you used just fine.  I also consider Latin to
: >be useful for historians and antiquarians.  It's dead.  No natural
: >scientist needs it these days.
: The rumours of Latin's deaths are exaggerated.  Because the French 
: Government refused to accept Englsh, the European Union requires
: the mandatory contents labels for cosmetics products to be printed
: in Latin.
You are kidding!!!

Brendan Macmillan

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