To All You Scientists Out There.

Jared Blackburn enlil at
Sun Mar 1 01:49:22 EST 1998

NeuronsRUs wrote:
> >       Of course he did -- he existed and he was alive --
> >there for he had credencials.  There are credntial for "moral
> >philosopher"? I sure don't think so.
> Of course there are credentials for "moral philosopher." They
> don't have to be granted by a university to be credentials.
> The concept of replacing the word "person" with "moral
> philosopher" is absurd.

	Why?  The only reason I can think of is simpl that not everyone
(or even many) choose to be such -- that is, to really think of
such things. I would have picked the word "being" over "person,"
jsut on off chance that other beings *could* exist, somewhere.

> The point is that Einstein's intelligence in physics does not
> transfer to excellence in moral philosophy (as some desire) or
> politics (as others desire). The initial use of Einstein's
> name in this thread was simply another exercise in poor
> thinking.

	I know that -- I suppose I was "splitting hairs" (a bad habit,
I guess) over the exact (literal) meaning and implications of
the statement. I personally dislike the whole use of
"authorities" (ie, celibrities) in philosophical arguements of
any kind.


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