feeling inside brain?

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Mon Mar 2 12:27:41 EST 1998

cybit wrote:
> =

> i can feel my brain, i know its contours and its densities. sometimes i=
f i
> concentrate hard enough i can create 'waves' in my brain, and if i
> concentrate extremely hard i can achieve a 'standing wave'. am i imagin=
> this?
Sensations arise from our brain neurons'  "sensing"  the information
contained in  the countless numbers of electrons and electromagnetic
particles, or even waves inside or brought into the brain.   In
thinking,  a person activates and retrieves dormant memory particles and
create new ones.  The brain cells simply fire off their own
electromagnetic particles and waves.  These again are sensed by these
originating neurons and other brain neurons.  Surely electromagnetic
particles can be so sensed as  "waves."   However,  perhaps there mmight
be an element of imagination as well in your sensing the densities and
contours of your brain.  After all, the  brain  neurocircuitries are so
interconnected from one region to other regions that they could not
really "know"  or provide a clue as to where the whole thing ends.  It's
hence difficult for them to provide one with a sense of the brain
contours.  Its densities surely cannot be so sensed either:  because
neural sensations in this way cannot tell  the self as to how many
neurons are there.    A lot of what you experience  is not pure =

"imagination"  but your natural sensations generated from your brain =

when you engage in these types of peculiar mental activities.   In
contrast,  imaginations are more  deliberate on your part.    So, you
are "sensing" these sensations which however do not truly  tell =

densities or contours.  They are merely your own  "sensations" =

incompatible with reality.  They are not your imaginations becasue you
do not deliberately "dream"  these things up-    They are like dreams
which one senses without any effort to "imagine" them.
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