Operation Mind.forth

Mentifex Maker of Minds uj797 at victoria.tc.ca
Sun Mar 1 20:50:26 EST 1998

The "Operation Mind.forth" Web page exists for the purpose of
releasing the artificial intelligence (AI) program Mind.forth
(i.e., an artificial "Mind" program written in the Forth language)
into the public domain for use on talking mobile robots.

Mind.forth is being developed as a "port" or reformulation of
Mind.rexx -- an AI program written in Amiga ARexx and released by
Project Mentifex (Mindmaker) on 26nov1994 via the Amiga AmiNet.

Mind.forth is a scaled-down version of the original Mind.rexx for
several reasons. In order to prove that the AI works and is a valid
implementation of a valid Unified Theory of Cognition (UTC), we need
only to demonstrate that a Mind.forth robot can hold even the most
primitive of CONCEPTS and that the robot mind can linguistically
discuss knowledge and ideas about these most primitive concepts.

If the early versions of Mind.forth demonstrate a working AI,
we can expect that amateur robot builders and other AI enthusiasts
will "hack the code" of Mind.forth and build it up into much more
sophisticated software and hardware than can be programmed by us
neurotheoreticians who are theorists first and programmers second.
Our offer to the comp.robotics.misc engineers is: If we show that
a robot AI is possible in Mind.forth, will you take it from there?
We have the technology. The robot hardware is all ready to go.
Only the MIND of the robot is missing. We can implement the mind,
but it will be primitive and rudimentary in its earliest releases.
Because we are programming AI in the Forth programming language,
Operation Mind.forth is an opportunity for newcomers to Forth to
study Forth along with us and to implement Mind.forth in parallel
by adapting our Amiga MVP-Forth code to other Forth versions and
to other machines -- either computer platforms or robot hardware.

Mountain View Press was the original provider of the MVP-Forth
which we have obtained from the (Fred Fish) Amiga Library Disk 977.
Leo Brodie's book, Starting Forth, is our reference for MVP-Forth.
http://www.scn.org/~mentifex/ -- Project Mentifex ("Mindmaker")
http://victoria.tc.ca/~uj797/index.html -- Operation Mind.forth

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