Need Direction on Creating Student Neuro Org (fwd)

Preetam Banerjee 96banerj at
Mon Mar 2 12:45:37 EST 1998

Hello everyone.  I am an undergraduate neuroscience student in Canada.  I
am endeavouring to create a legal Student Neuroscience Association of
Canada through the proper channels.  Can anyone give me advice, direction?
I also am planning to create a monthly journal for the undergrad students
as well to submit their term papers and whatnot for peers to learn from.
I am very excited about this project and of course the two will be
intimately related (journal and association), there are plans to publish
the journal on the web as well, as an electronic newsletter.

I would gratefully accept ANY comments, suggestions or a pointing in the
right direction.

Thank you.

Preetam Banerjee            
Undergrad Specialist Program,  
University of Toronto       
96banerj at   
banerinto at               

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